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DONATIONS NEEDED! Please help us continue our ministry mission by making a donation. All officers of PKI are volunteers. All funds go directly into operating funds and scholarship fund (note we have had to cancel scholarship fund due to lack of donations).
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Welcome to Preacher's Kids International

Welcome to PKI aka Preacher's Kid's International

What is PKI? Glad you asked.

PKI is an ever growing community of people who grew up in the limelight of a minister's family.

Here you will find lots of information about what is happening including ministry events around the world and you can even see if there is an event planned nearby. Most if not all of these events are planned by fellow pk's just like yourself. You can find articles written by pk's that can offer insight insight into yourself so that as you read them you will think "how did they know that? That's describing me!"

This is a community that will meet the needs of you, the "preacher's kid". Did you think your experiences were unique and there is no way anyone could POSSIBLY understand what you went through? Guess what, you are not alone. Introduce yourself on the message boards and it probably won't be long before you find someone who has been through something very similar and who understands where you are coming from.

PKI is supported entirely by donation and there are no paid staff. Everyone involved in a pk. Consider the  pk t-shirts as a gift for your contribution to our ministry. For that is what this is, a ministry to all the pk's out there. It is here for both those who are still hurting from their time in the limelight and for those who have healed. It is a community by you and for you so get involved. Write an article, organize an event, post on the message boards, it doesn't matter, just get involved.

Just remember PKI is here for YOU!


Pastor's Kid by Rob Litzinger

Is being a pastor's kid an asset or a liability in someone's life?  I have lived on both sides of this perspective.  As a bitter teen, I loved God but hated the church: I was loving people but hating "church people".  What I had seen had ruined me ... or had it?  Might it have been the difference between dysfunction and destiny? Let me take you through my entire journey as a 3rd generation pastor's kid and let you peek into both sides of this PK issue.  Was it tragedy or triumph? You decide.

Read the reviews at the link below.

Click here for more information and purchase.


By Anna Picard

This reflection, though brutally honest, provides insight to the conflicts that face the children of ministers, pastors, religious clergy, deacons, and church leaders. It challenges fellow Christians, to nurture the lives of these children without punishing judgments. This work provokes congregants and leaders to nurture preachers' kids, and provide heartfelt guidance and vigilant prayer. It encourages prayer-warriors, to guard over the hearts of preachers kids.

Just for a moment, the reader can walk in the shoes of preachers' kids with understanding and empathy. It brings much-needed direction and guidance. The author attempts to bridge the gap between all of you and preachers' kids. It also attempts to reconcile the disconnection between preachers' kids and Jesus.

Click on the book to find out where to purchase this book.

Welcome to Fred Texas


The adventures of a misfit PK in the 70's by PK, Brad Whittington. The first book first book of the trilogy, 'Welcome to Fred', won the Christy Award for First Novel. The other two books in the trilogy were Christy Award finalists. Click on the books above to read more.

PK Quotes
Saturday, 07 July 2007 03:54
We share here with you some of the memories of living in the "stained-glass" jungle. Cool
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On Sunday afternoons, my dad would go on his pastoral visits.  My brother & I would talk my mom into playing canasta with us.  She would not be real happy about playing cards on Sunday, "because what if someone (from the church) happened to see us playing cards?"  Then she would answer her own question:"No one comes to see the preacher's family." ~  Sharon Doerr, PKI Board Member
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"As PKs, we had a whole church full of "parents". Sometimes this was an advantage, other times it wasn't. When I wanted to get away with something, it wasn't!"

"Most kids do stupid things. Normal kids (non-PKs) live it down in time. 40 years later, I'm still remembered for the time when I was acting up in church: Mom finally had to take me out to spank me and as she did, I grabbed a bench and called out "Help!"

"Some PKs say that although the pastor is called to ministry, the kids aren't. I happen to disagree. I think God knew all about the family my parents were going to have and included that in His decision to call my Dad. I'm also thankful for a father who knew family was more important than the church!" ~ Tina Watkins (TJ), PKI Board Member

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Trespassers Will Be Baptized:

This funny and poignant memoir tells of the misadventures of a Southern Baptist preacher’s daughter or PK from Eastern Kentucky.

This coming of age story is definitely a lil’ bit country with a whole lotta sass and humor thrown in for a very good read. Read about: TRESPASSERS WILL BE BAPTIZED: THE UNORDAINED MEMIOR OF A PREACHER'S DAUGHTER and Elizabeth Emerson Hancock the author. Click on the book to read more.



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